Expert Arbitration

Our panel of arbitrators represents over one hundred years of judicial experience and over 225 years of combined legal experience. They have dealt with every type of legal dispute – corporate, commercial, regulatory, environmental, personal injury, domestic relations, uninsured motorist, insurance coverage, labor law, employment disputes, real estate and construction law. There is virtually no dispute that our experienced panel cannot arbitrate to a reasoned and fair decision.

In addition, the majority of our panel are highly trained and experienced mediators and are available to mediate any dispute where the parties prefer a mediated settlement over a binding arbitration.

Featured Services

Administrative Services

Resolution-Now can provide an appropriate and neutral hearing site at our Concord, NH offices or at any other site convenient for the parties.

Resolution-Now can assist the parties in structuring and scheduling necessary discovery with oversight by the selected Arbitrator.

Schedule Guarantee

In most cases we can schedule a hearing within 48 hours and guarantee a written decision within ten days of the completion of the hearing.

Fee Structure

Fees are based upon a flat per diem rate. The full per diem rate is $2,500 per day or $1,250 per party. The fee for one half day or less is $1,400 or $700 per party. The fee for review, research and drafting a required written decision will be estimated by the arbitrator at the end of the hearing and will be payable prior to issuance of the written decision. There are no upfront fees based upon the amount in controversy.

A suggested Engagement Agreement and Pre-hearing Checklist are available for download using the links below: